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Nutritional Therapy

Kristen is also a Nutritional Therapy Practioner (NTP) from Nutritional Therapy Association, Olympia, WA. As a NTP, Kristen integrates her services in variety of ways through nutritional protocols to address problematic health symptoms. Kristen provides this as a stand-alone service, but also utilizes her knowledge of nutrition and health in traditional psychotherapy. Are you at a loss to filter through all the food fads that are ever present, meanwhile you are experiencing frustration with your emotional and physical state? Kristen works with individuals to better manage symptoms of anxiety and depression through diet and supplementation. Individuals in recovery from addiction will benefit from nutritional therapy services to support recovery and decrease vulnerabilities to relapse. Kristen works with individuals who experience disordered thinking and behaviors related to food through developing a healthy relationship with food and an elevated understanding of how to provide nutrient dense food options so your body can achieve optimal health.  Together we can work with your unique body and biological make up so that your physical and emotional health can thrive.

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