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We Can Do Hard Things


As the weeks unfold we are all experiencing life in ways we could have never anticipated. Here in Washington State families were delivered the news this week that our kids won't be returning to school this year. While this wasn't entirely unexpected, it has depleted hope that the school year could be salvaged in some way. As one of my clients shared with me today, "We had our last day of school and we didn't even know it, there's no celebrations, no end of the year events". Hope is a powerful thing, the anticipation of events to look forward to can carry us through difficult times. For the first time in most of our lives, we are looking at weeks to even months of uncertainty of when we might return to life as we once knew it. Yet it will never really be the same.


In circumstances of such difficulty we really do not have control over much other than ourselves. It is important to engage in healthy activities and behaviors that provide a distraction and reprieve from all the negativity in the world around us. This week I committed to doing 30 yoga classes online in 30 days, because I know that is one aspect of my life that keeps me grounded, focused and clear headed. As I returned to my mat, I was reminded of one of my yoga instructors' class mantra. Just at the moment that we are holding a difficult pose and feeling challenged to our limits, Emily will calmly recite "We can do hard things". It is in that moment that I feel a deep sigh of relief, as I am reminded metaphorically that we humans have incredible strength and resilience. It is not required of us to minimize the difficulty we are experiencing or question our ability to tolerate challenges. The plain truth is things can get very very hard, and we can still move through them. Life will always be uncertain, what makes the difference in these experiences is our belief in our ability to navigate challenges. It can be helpful to reflect on other times in our lives when we pulled through difficult situations or overcame obstacles. Also, reflecting on historical examples of when communities came together and made the best of dire circumstances reminds us of the power of our togetherness in this.


My dear friend Melissa is offering weekday 30 minute yoga sessions at noon - it is the perfect break in the day, so check her out on Instagram at or on Facebook at if you want to join in. One of Melissa's class mantras is "we didn't come here to get comfortable", also spoken just at the moment that four letter words are forming in my head and I am questioning why it is that I pay for and get up early for this. Yet, I know it's true. If life was always comfortable, we would be complacent, we would not grow, extend, change or evolve. The greatest times of invention historically have been caused by limited resources and the need for innovation. I truly believe this is a time to reassess our previous state of living and alter course to live our best lives, but change will only happen if we are uncomfortable enough to move in a different way.



I love the analogy of the lotus, which grows in mud and scum. In order to blossom it must make its way through the murky water until it breaks the surface and emerges and blooms in the sun, beautiful and whole.

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